Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry Services

At etail services, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong brand reputation on the Amazon platform. That’s why we offer a range of proactive steps to help protect your brand, including utilizing the IP Accelerator program, registering your brand with Amazon’s Brand Registry, and implementing the Transparency code. 

Our team puts a lot of effort into protecting your Amazon brand store acquiring Amazon Brand Registry services in UAE and making sure that only approved sellers can access your products. We support ethical business conduct and are dedicated to assisting our clients in upholding the integrity of their brands on Amazon.

Amzon Brand Registry in Dubai

Steps to Ensure your Brand’s safety

Our Amazon Brand Registry services in Dubai are proactive, and we take several steps to ensure your brand is safe. These steps include:

1. IP Accelerator

We streamline the process of registering your trademark by utilizing Amazon’s IP Accelerator program. This program simplifies and expedites trademark registration, making it quick and hassle-free. A registered trademark is a crucial asset in brand protection, as it helps establish your exclusive rights to your brand name and products on Amazon.

2. Brand Registry

Our eTail services include enrolling your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry program. This program empowers brand owners with a suite of powerful tools, including the “Report a Violation” tool. With this tool, you can easily report any listings that infringe on your intellectual property rights, allowing for prompt action to remove unauthorized and infringing listings. This proactive approach safeguards your brand from counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers.

3. Transparency Code

To further fortify your brand’s safety, we implement Amazon’s Transparency program. This program involves assigning a unique and traceable code to each unit of your product. This code allows Amazon and customers to verify the authenticity of your products at every step of the supply chain. By ensuring that only genuine products reach the customers, we help prevent counterfeiting and maintain your brand’s reputation for quality and authenticity.

By combining these steps, our Amazon Brand Registry services in UAE offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding your brand on the Amazon platform. We prioritize not only brand protection but also brand integrity, ensuring that your products are sold with confidence and authenticity, and building trust among your customers.

How does our Amazon Brand Registry provide you with benefits?

Our Amazon Brand Registry services in Dubai begins with a comprehensive analysis of your brand and your current presence on the Amazon marketplace. We then implement a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals, using a combination of the following tools and strategies.

1. Protect your brand against hijackers

Hijackers are unauthorized sellers who list counterfeit or inferior products under your brand name. Our services of Amazon Brand Protection in Dubai include constant monitoring of your Amazon listings and taking swift action to remove any hijackers and enforce your brand rights.

2. We believe in honest business

We take a pro-active stance when it comes to brand protection, assisting you in building and sustaining an effective brand presence on Amazon using ethical business methods. To ensure compliance with their rules and procedures, we also work closely with Amazon.

3. Solutions to secure your brand

Our solutions to secure your brand on Amazon include using IP Accelerator to expedite your trademark registration process, enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry in Dubai for enhanced brand protection tools, and implementing Transparency codes to track and authenticate your products throughout the supply chain.

Choose our services for Amazon Brand Registry services in UAE because we offer more than just protection; we offer partnership. Our commitment to your brand’s success on Amazon is unwavering. We begin with a thorough analysis to craft a personalized strategy tailored to your unique needs. With the power of Amazon’s IP Accelerator and Brand Registry, we expedite trademark registration and provide access to essential tools for infringement reporting.  Join us in securing your brand’s future on Amazon – choose a partner dedicated to your brand’s growth and success.


How do you define Amazon Brand Registry?
It is a program that helps sellers protect their intellectual property and deliver a trustworthy experience to customers on Amazon by reporting using user-friendly tools.
How does the IP Accelerator program assist in brand protection?
It facilitates the trademark registration process, which then eventually makes the brand registration process easy and secures complete rights of your brand name and products on Amazon.
How does Transparency Program would help protect my brand?
This program helps give a traceable code to each product unit, verifying product authenticity which prevents counterfeiting and then eventually maintains brand reputation.
How does the Brand Registry program handle counterfeiting products?
The program offers you tools including Report Violation which enables brand owners to immediately remove the listings that intrude on intellectual property rights, and protect against counterfeit products.
How does eTail Services monitor brand rights on Amazon?
Our dedicated team regularly monitors Amazon listings, removing hijacking and unauthorized sellers, maintaining compliance with Amazon’s policies, and protecting your brand.